Every year, approximately 400,000 people emigrate from the UK and start a new life abroad*. France, Spain and Portugal remain the most popular emigration destinations. Further afield, destinations such as Australia, Canada and New Zealand are rising in popularity. Property benefits such as no Stamp Duty, no Capital Gains Tax and year-on-year capital appreciation of around 15% are big pulling factors for Britons moving abroad.

Going to live and work in another country can be a stressful experience, so selling your property is one hassle you could probably do without. In between finding a new place to live aboard, sorting out taxes and bank accounts, adjusting to a new job and familiarising yourself with a new culture, a long, protracted sale of your existing UK property has the potential to derail the rest of your plans.

If you grow tired of thinking “I wish I could sell my house quickly”, contact Swift Capital today. We are the property experts, and guarantee to buy your home whatever your circumstances.

If you are emigrating and need a quick property sale, Swift Capital could buy your house in a matter of days for a very competitive price, reducing the undoubted stress you will be feeling before a move abroad.

We typically pay around 80% of the open market value for your property, with the added advantage of a very quick turnaround, no hidden fees or taxes and no need to deal with estate agents, property advertising or public viewings.

Perhaps you are emigrating to another country to retire, or you have been enticed abroad with a fantastic job opportunity. Whatever your reason for leaving the UK, selling property fast with Swift Capital can help your new life get off on the right foot. If you need a significant sum of money to purchase a new property abroad or to furnish your new rented apartment, but you cannot afford to wait for what could be a protracted property sale back of your existing property in the UK, contact Swift Capital today.

Our team of expert property buyers will discuss your circumstances and tailor a solution that is right for you.

* http://www.statistics.gov.uk/pdfdir/emig1107.pdf

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