Our solicitors are experienced in stopping repossessions.

The sooner you act, the better, but in many cases it´s never too late to stop your home from being repossessed, even if you have an eviction date or eviction is just 24hrs away.

The simplest way to avoid repossession, credit black listing and repossession registry entry, is to sell your home and clear your mortgage account.

Of course, selling on the open market is never as straightforward as it seems and this is where Swift Capital can help. We can buy your house quickly, there are no valuation fees and we don´t charge you a penny for our help and advice. We also pay all your agreed legal costs so that you can be represented by specialist repossession lawyers to halt the eviction process.

We understand that the threat of eviction is a stressful time and you can rest assured that everyone who contacts us in that situation is treated sympathetically and professionally by our experienced staff, finding a solution that´s right for you. Remember that a call to Swift Capital to stop repossession is free and you´re under no obligation to proceed with us.

Listed below are some of the options that are available to you.

Outright sale

Sell your house quickly. We can complete the whole process in days, releasing the equity in your property to pay off your mortgage account, with any cash left over available for you to use as you wish – towards a rental deposit, to clear other debts or just to help you get back on your feet.

Underwritten sale

Another way is to give Swift Capital an option to buy your house after an agreed period (usually six to nine months). We make an offer for your property as usual, but in this case, the purchase is deferred so that you can put your house up for sale through an estate agent to get maximum value from it. If you aren´t able to find a buyer on the open market, no problem, we´ll buy it for the agreed price. If you do find a buyer, you simply pay us a fee based on the difference between our guaranteed offer and your sale price on the open market. Either way, you´ve sold your property within the timescale that you chose. A win-win situation.

In some circumstances, we will even consider paying your mortgage whilst you try to sell your house, so you need not worry about falling behind with payments.

Everyone´s situation is unique, so call 0800 035 0202 to speak to one of our helpful, professional advisors to discuss the best options for you.

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