Being stuck in a housing chain can be frustrating and unpredictable. It can often seem that your sale will never go through and your dream home is slipping through your fingers. In fact, around 1 in 3 property chains collapse before the sale goes through. This is where Swift Capital can help.

We guarantee to buy your house fast, so there´s no danger of the chain breaking down. This can be especially useful when your next purchase is from a housebuilder. And if having a guaranteed cash buyer for your home seems like a dream come true, imagine how the vendor of your new property will feel when you present yourself chain free and ready to do the deal. Selling your house to Swift Capital can substantially increase your own buying power.

If you´re already in a chain that´s in danger of collapsing, Swift Capital also offers a unique Chain Breaking Service where we will buy any other properties in the chain that are causing problems.

Selling your home to Swift Capital is also a cost-effective alternative to the part exchange schemes offered by some house builders. If you are offered part exchange on your property, contact Swift Capital and compare our offer – you´ll find it highly competitive.

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