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Are you looking to sell your property quickly? Are you thinking to yourself “I wish someone would buy my house fast”?

Then Swift Capital could have the answer.

Across the UK, there are people just like you who are thinking to themselves “I really need somebody to buy my house fast.” They could be people whose plans have stalled as they wait on unreliable chains, time-wasting viewings and expensive estate agent fees.

There are many reasons why people are looking for a quick property sale but find that their plans are put on hold due to the complex and lengthy sales process.

It could be that you are considering relocation or emigrating and need a fast property sale or you may have another property that you just want to get off your hands.

If you have an inherited property that you are looking to sell quickly, a second home that you want to sell or perhaps you are have a buy-to-let property that you are selling with a sitting tenant then Swift Capital can help.

If you are tired of thinking “I need somebody to buy my house”, then Swift Capital can help. We guarantee to buy any property, in any UK location and in any condition. Whether you have structural problems or sitting tenants, we will make you a guaranteed cash offer and complete a property sale within a matter of days, giving you the cash and the freedom to push on with your plans.

What´s more, with Swift Capital, there is no hassle and there are no hidden costs. If, for instance, you approached an estate agent and said “I need somebody to buy my house fast”, you´ll soon realise that the price you receive could be considerably less than your property´s true value, with agent commissions, legal fees as well as time commitments taking a significant chunk of your property´s sale price.

With Swift Capital, there are no hidden costs, no fees and no commission costs – we even pay for all of your legal fees.

So get on the phone to Swift Capital today and say “I need you to buy my house fast!”

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