Make moving house as painless as possible by using this handy checklist.

One month until moving day

Book a removal company or arrange van hire.

Make arrangements for transport of your pets.

Start collecting boxes and newspapers for wrapping fragile items.

Have a sort-out of your belongings and dispose of unwanted items through car boot sales, ebay, the local paper or the local council dump.

Take down wall lamps, shelves and pictures that you intend to take with you.

Pack all valuable items separately and take care of important documents.

Label all boxes as you pack so that the removal company will know where to put them at your new address.

If necessary, arrange residents parking permits with the local council.

Arrange buildings and contents insurance for your new home.

Run down stocks of food in your freezer.

One week until moving day

Confirm your booking with the removal or van hire company

Agree what time you will arrive at your new home with the previous owner

Pack items that you will need immediately, separately (such as clothes etc.)

Make sure you have the seller´s new contact details so that you can get in touch if you have any queries and can forward any mail.

Ask the seller for useful information such as what day the rubbish is collected, nearest supermarket, instructions for appliances, alarm code etc.

Arrange the transfer or reconnection of utilities – gas, electricity, water etc.

Arrange for a final telephone bill. Make sure the line at your new home is connected and check the new number.

Send out change of address card.

Cancel newspapers, milk window cleaner etc. and pay final bills.

Begin defrosting the freezer.

Back up your computer and inform your internet provider of your move.

Arrange for mail to be redirected to your new address.

Leave pre-printed address labels in your old property for the new owner to forward any mail that slips through.

Dismantle any self-assembly furniture and take down curtains.

Draw up a plan of the rooms in your new house to show where furniture and boxed items will go. Mark items to identify which room they are for.

Tell the police if you need to have space coned off outside your new house for the removal van.

If you are moving some distance, make sure your car is serviced before the journey.

Consider hiring a cleaning company to clean your old house after you leave.

On the day

Pack your essential items such as: kettle, tea, coffee, milk, sugar, mugs, cutlery, plates, snacks, drinks, can-opener, radio, batteries, toilet roll, pain killers, plasters, pens and paper, spare plugs, torch, basic tools, candles, matches, spare light bulbs, cleaning materials, rubbish bags, washing kit and towels. Take these items with you in the boot of your car.

Label everything that you are leaving.

Read your electricity and gas meters as you leave your old home and move into the new one.

Lock the windows and doors of your old home as you leave.

Carry important phone numbers with you, such as gas and electricity companies, in case there is a problem at your new property.

Give the removal company a map with directions to your new home and give them your new phone number and mobile number.

As soon as you arrive at your new home, find the fuse box and stopcock.

Make sure you have some cash with you for emergencies.

Don´t leave belongings unattended. The first few hours in a new home are prime time for theft to occur, with windows and doors left open.

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Moving house checklist

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