Sell a property with a problem tenant

A problem tenant can throw up a range of issues when trying to sell your home fast. The difficulties faced when trying to sell a home can often be exacerbated by a problem tenant or tenants.

Swift Capital has almost two decades of experience in buying properties where a problem tenant is causing issues. If the property you own has sitting tenants who have a legal right to stay in the property for life, Swift Capital can guarantee to purchase the property, despite the fact that a problem tenant or sitting tenant is causing you issues.

Swift Capital will buy any home regardless of whether you have a problem tenant including sitting tenants, regulated tenancies, Rent Act protected tenancies, assured tenancies, life tenancies and Assured Short-hold tenancies.

Selling with a problem tenant allows you to free up the capital in property which may be a financial burden, particularly if you are struggling to secure rental funds to cover a buy-to-let agreement. With Swift Capital you can sell property fast and completely hassle-free so that you are able to free up the capital from a property which is proving to be a financial burden.

As a landlord, you have a legal obligation to ensure that all tenants including problem tenants are adequately provided for through maintaining the property effectively. Maintenance to a property can be a costly exercise, as a landlord has a legal obligation to ensure that all gas and electrical systems are adequate and the structure of the property is well maintained. Repairs and maintenance costs mount up and can be a drain on your finances, make worse by the fact that a problem tenant can create additional issues.

A property which is not yielding the return on investment that you had hoped for, is proving expensive to maintain and has the added issue of a problem tenant can be a significant financial and stressful burden. With Swift Capital you’ll receive a guaranteed cash offer for your property within days and there are no legal fees or commission costs that you’d expect from the traditional route of selling a property.

If you are hoping to sell a property with a problem tenant, contact Swift Capital today for a fast house sale.

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