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The latest knock-on effect of the credit crunch is an increasing number of homeowners taking their properties off the market. Selling a house quickly seems to have become a thing of the past as housing sales are almost stagnant. With houses that are near impossible to sell, many homeowners are taking their houses off the market to avoid further price slides. The number of houses for sale is expected to fall as a result of this.

Putting a home on the market has been described by Miles Shipside, a director of Rightmove, as an act of ‘bravery in the face of the ongoing turmoil in the financial markets’. As the situation shows no sign of recovery and house prices continue falling each month, many homeowners are resorting to taking their homes off the market and hoping for future improvements.

Mortgage lending has fallen by 12% to a 16 year low and therefore the amount of people able to afford their own property has taken a significant downturn. With house prices falling substantially but many first-time buyers unable to secure a mortgage, the situation continues to be a “Catch-22” problem.

Despite these ever growing concerns, Swift Capital is able to provide a solution if you need to sell your home quickly. Selling property in these difficult economic conditions has proved to be a difficult and long process, however, Swift Capital offers a quick and easy way to release equity from your home.

Swift Capital will buy any property in any condition. We provide expert advice that is tailored to your needs. Contact Swift Capital today and see if we can save you the time, hassle and concern associated with selling a house.

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