Selling a house can be a very difficult process, especially if you are looking for a fast property sale.

With broken chains, time consuming viewings and waiting for prospective buyers to respond to adverts as well as all the legal complexities involved, selling a property can be a very stressful experience. It is thought that a property sale takes around seven months on average to complete.

There are many reasons why a sale may collapse with a broken chain being by far the most common reason why a sale falls through.

Other factors, including rejected mortgage application and buyer withdrawals are also common but there are also properties across the UK which are, to be frank, difficult to sell.
Location, condition, value, size and appearance are all factors which affect property´s desirability to potential buyers.

Your home could, for instance, be in bad condition and any expensive to repair structural damage is particularly likely to discourage a potential buyer.

Unfavourable locations, be they high crime areas, areas with a lack of local amenities, schools or with poor transport links are also common reasons why some properties are difficult to sell.

But Swift Capital can help you avoid those issues by providing a fast property sale solution that eliminates the barriers to selling property fast.

Swift Capital guarantees to make an offer for any property, regardless of location, condition, age or size and can complete a sale within just 24 hours.

With no legal fees, estate agents or viewings to handle, you can press ahead with your future plans, whether planning to relocate, emigrate or even sell a second property.

If you don´t want your ambitions to be held up by a slow and laborious property market, then a quick property sale with Swift Capital could be just what you are looking for.

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