Who is Swift Capital?
We are part of a large and well-established property group with many in-house resources and experience. To date, as a group, we have completed well in excess of 1,000 property transactions. Should you require financial or other references, or need to be satisfied in any other respect, the acquisition surveyor dealing with you will be pleased to provide these to your solicitor.

Do you charge for valuations? Are there any fees, charges or hidden costs?

Do you need to arrange to inspect the property internally?
No. We are prepared to inspect the property externally and make a formal offer, subject to an internal inspection. On occasions, where the situation is justified, we can purchase without an internal inspection, such as where the property may have a sitting tenant or other tenant problems.

How long does the offer take?
Because you will be speaking directly to the person responsible for buying your property, we are able to give you an indicative offer with your first call and confirm this formally within 24 hours.

How much will you offer me?
We believe in being honest and up-front. For our home buying service we typically pay approximately 80% of the current market value of your property. For commercial investments and other types of property our aim is to pay the best possible price. This can vary depending on the location, condition and whether the property is tenanted or vacant.

What do you do with the property once you have bought it?
Each property is appraised and treated on an individual basis. Some properties are retained for our investment portfolio; others are renovated for resale or simply resold in their current condition.

Will anybody know about the sale?
No. Any discussions are in the strictest confidence and we do not erect For Sale or Sold boards outside your house..

Do I need a Solicitor?
Yes. We will pay your agreed legal costs. If you do not have a solicitor we can help you find one.

Where do you buy properties?
Nationwide, including Scotland and Ireland. We will also purchase property in the European Union.

Can you stop repossession proceedings?
Yes. We and our lawyers have extensive experience of this.

Are there any types of properties that you do not purchase?
No. We buy all types of properties, including commercial, land, farms and those with sitting tenants, in any condition, vacant or rented. Even those with planning, legal, structural or sitting tenant problems.

Do you have some examples of purchases you have completed?
Yes. Please see our case studies page

Do you buy properties with tenants?
Yes. We already have a large portfolio of tenanted properties throughout the UK including Scotland and Northern Ireland. and are keen to add more.

How can you value my property without seeing it?
Initially our experienced team uses in-house valuation software to give you a fairly accurate idea of our likely offer. We will look at various economic factors, property transactions, market trends and recent sale, and have a national network of valuers that we can call on to determine a realistic price. For our final offer, we don´t always need to inspect your property internally.

Do you buy in any condition?

How long will the process take?
The timing of your property sale is flexible and together we´ll agree what´s best for you – usually 4-6 weeks is convenient for most people however, if you need to sell really quickly, we can exchange contracts within 24 hours and complete within a few days.

How long does the offer stand?
Every situation is different. Our offers stand until market conditions dictate any change.

Is it a problem for me if my property is already on the market?
No. This will not stop us from buying it, however you must check the terms of your contract if you are marketing with an estate agent. If in doubt, send us a copy of the Terms and Conditions and we´ll be glad to advise you.

How can you buy so fast?
We pay cash, therefore we don´t have to wait for 3rd party valuations, mortgage offers or structural surveys.

Do you buy non-standard construction?
Yes. We have bought lots of different types of construction, even those which are hard to mortgage for example Cornish build, Laing Easyform, Howard construction and more. Given the breadth of our experience, we can often take a view on unusual properties.

Where are you based?
Connaught House, 1-3 Mount Street, London, W1K 3NB

Is the property valued by a Chartered Surveyor?
Who does the valuation?
We have in-house surveyors and valuers, including Chartered Surveyors, who approve every valuation.

Do you buy if the property has structural problems?

I am an agent/advisor/executor. Can I refer my client to you?
Yes. We offer a referral fee to all Estate Agents and Financial Advisors who recommend Swift Capital´s services to their customers.

Do you have to approve the property for funding first?
No. We are part of a well-funded and long-established property group with interests throughout the UK including Scotland, Northern Ireland and the European Union. We buy property outright! We do not look to finance, sub-sell or find an investor to sell to, which is why we are able to buy FAST.

My tenant has stopped paying rent. Can I still sell my house to you?
Yes. We will take over the problem for you.

Can you repair chains?
Yes. See our Chain Repair page for details.

Can you recommend a solicitor for me?
Yes. If you would like us to recommend one, please let us know. Alternatively you can use The Law Society to find one.

Can you pull out of a purchase?
It is rare that we would pull out of a purchase unless, of course, we were not given the correct information when terms were agreed.

Can I accept your offer even if I have it under offer with someone else and it is not selling quickly enough?

Are you agents?
No. We buy only for ourselves.

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