Are you trying to sell a problem property with a £20,000 secret?

When it comes to selling a house, property surveys can create a huge headache for both buyers and sellers.

Investigations into a property’s condition and structural integrity can be notoriously time-consuming procedures and can slow down the process considerably whilst potentially damaging your ability to sell your house quickly.

A property survey could reveal hidden secrets about your property that could cost a prospective buyer a considerable sum of money and, understandably, put them off buying a property that perhaps isn´t all that it seems.

Structural problems can be hard to spot but they can also be extremely costly to rectify, with quotations upwards of £20,000 being common for a problem that many sellers never knew existed. Unsurprisingly, most buyers are going to be put off by the prospect of a hefty repair bill which will leave your property on the market once more.

Most prospective buyers will insist on both a GSI (General Structural Inspection) and SSI (Specific Structural Inspection) before they press ahead with a property sale which can cause significant delays if you are looking to complete a fast property sale.

Estimates put the typical cost of rising damp problems at between £1,000 and £5,000 whilst a subsidence problem could cost between £5,000 and £20,000. Structural cracks are even more of a liability, with solutions ranging from a £5 tub of ‘Polyfilla´ to fix a ceiling crack to a full £20,000+ structural repair.

With such issues to contend with, it may be more preferable to talk to Swift Capital about getting a fast property sale.

Swift Capital will offer to buy any property regardless of its condition, age or location. If you´re needing to sell your house quickly but have just been handed a surveyors report which will dent your chances of getting a sale, then see how Swift Capital can help.

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