Selling your home is rarely a simple process and if you are new to property selling, be prepared for an extremely stressful and time consuming experience.

A typical house sale involves a number of stages and people, all of whom are looking to take a slice of the cash that you were expecting to get from the property sale.

Not only will you be expecting to haggle with potential buyers and potentially drop your asking price, but there are also estate agent´s commissions and solicitor´s fees to consider.

Not only does a property sale through an estate agent mean that you may get less than you expected, but selling your house can be an extremely time consuming experience.

It is believed that a conventional property sale takes an average of seven months to complete, with many taking much, much longer.

Not only do you have to wait for prospective buyers to come forward, but there is also the time consuming process of viewings to factor in.

When you consider the preparation work and cleaning needed to accommodate prospective buyers as well as possibly needing to take time from work to welcome viewings, you can see why many people find that selling their house quickly with Swift Capital is a more attractive proposition.

Swift Capital can make you an offer for your property without any viewings. Regardless of its condition or location, will receive a genuine cash offer without any representative needing to call to your home.

With Swift Capital, you also eliminate any danger of a buyer pulling out of a deal or a broken chain – the most common reason behind failed property sales.

Swift Capital makes a guaranteed offer of any property. The price you are offered is the price you receive should you agree to the sale. There are no broken chains, no estate agent´s commissions and no legal fees.

Fast property sales from Swift Capital are ideal for people looking at relocation or emigration, those looking to quickly unlock cash for a second property or buy-to-let property as well as those needing cash to pay off mounting debts.

If you feel that you would prefer to sell your home without the hassle and costs of a conventional property sale, then talk to Swift Capital about selling your house fast today.

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