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If you want have a property that you want taking off your hands, then Swift Capital can allow you to cash in on your property and sell a house quick.

Swift Capital specialise in allowing people to sell their house quick with our team of expert property lawyers able to tailor an individual solution to sell your house quick.

Perhaps you are looking for a quick property sale to help solve your financial problems or perhaps you have a property that is causing you problems and you need to sell a house quick?

Swift Capital specialise in helping people sell property fast. Our expert team know that people need to sell a house quickly for a variety of reasons, whether you are imminently moving to another part of the country or even another country altogether, reassessing your debts and finances, looking to release equity in your home, or you are simply disillusioned with the slow and laborious estate agent-led property market.

Selling houses quickly can help to circumvent all the usual costs and stress you would normally associate with a property sale. We can typically offer you up to 80% of the market value for your property, meaning that you can sell your house quick for whatever reason, in a timeframe that suits you.

Whether you are looking for an underwritten house sale or an outright property sale, our team of property advisors will use their vast experience to help you find the right solution for your needs.

Because we specialise in helping people to sell a house quick, we may be able to buy your house in a matter of days. This means that even if you are facing an eviction or repossession, Swift Capital can help. If you´re looking to sell your house quickly, contact us today.

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